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ON: Why I Can’t Abide With Tyler Perry

The name Tyler Perry appearing above any move should, by now, be tantamount to a warning sign: This movie will at best be crap, possibly deeply problematic, or, most likely, both.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t abide Tyler Perry because:
1) He is a marginally “talented” who get’s results, meaning money, and because of this he gets press.

2) While employing a gay gaze—I mean seriously, have you seen the men he casts? And how often they are just shirtless candied objects? I am not sure any other director has so extensively and continuously feteshized the black male body—his films drip with homophobic jokes and messages. (Did anyone else see For Colored Girls? Not only is the DL man HIV positive and infects his successful black wife, his sexual liaisons is rather illicit and carry the hallmarks of a transaction, which, if someone thinks, could point to sexual exploitation, but we don’t know because there is no fleshing out of this; the only point of the gay sex act was to show another abhorrent Black male and introduce HIV).

3)  I have yet to hear of a positive gay character in any Tyler Perry film.

4) Though Tyler’s films are marketed mainly for Black women, he rarely features successful black women without demonizing them. If a positive successful Black woman does exist in his film then she is a counterpart for the main successful black woman who is somehow severely flawed. Actually, she is portrayed as either a “bitch,” “slut,” “emasculating,” and ultimately she is due a comeuppance.

5) He lacks talent.

6) He makes me agree with Spike Lee

7) He is only a success under capitalism.

8) He is the result of the Hollywood machine because due to their willful ignoring of communities of color and their underemployment of actors of color, he is able to employ actors of color, at cheaper rates, thus making his movies bottom line a little lower, and he can market his films to a starving community.

9) He and Oprah did this:

No, Miss Sophia’s struggle was against racism and sexism and physical violence; she was not a billionaire struggling to promote a mediocre network.  Miss Sophia was not Oprah’s, she was ours. Miss Sophia appeared in a pro-black women piece of art, Madea is the product of a man whose films make money off the backs of women he mocks.

10) He bastardized For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf

11) Did I mention he has no talent?

12) He has money so he could easily buy rights to projects and hire directors and writers with more talent and vision than he, but he does not seem to.


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