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“I’ll Let You Lick It”…The Weekend That Is.

My new summer anthem:

so many shades of Blackness and ALL are legitimate and beautiful

Last night started for me what is Summer. It was hot, and I was at a party filled with actors in the Delmar Loop. I had a glittery glass of prosecco in one hand and a cool ranch taco in the other. It was not the best mix, but before I knew it the taco was gone and I was guzzling prosecco like water.

my friday in a shot

eventually someone brought in a gigantic pizza which was more so impressive because of its size rather than its flavor, but soon the pizza was devoured by so many hungry skinny actors. I am becoming convinced that actors, and probably models too, are some of the hungriest people around. I guess it didn’t hurt that some people were floating on some loud clouds.

While I planned on mingling with everyone somehow I ended up outside with my crew and mostly gay boys. So many gay boys and not a drop that I wanted to drink. But the conversations were fun. Apparently it is not too personal to know that a white boy  loves black guys, “the darker the better” ( I don’t know why but lines like that pretty much kill any attraction I have to a guy, particularly when they are white), but it is too personal to know if he tops, bottoms, or is vers—he “takes it.” Somehow the conversation slid to the topic of blow jobs. I committed a gay crime and admitted that I am bored, bored, bored with sucking dick. I don’t find it degrading; I don’t find it cumbersome; I don’t find it difficult or even distasteful; I am just bored with it; I start thinking of other things to do, or, worst, the ways I wish the guy who I am pleasing was somehow different. Every boy turned and stared at me and branded me crazy. Perhaps I am. Oh well, I know there is one thing I like to guzzle

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The definition of LIFE

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