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Life Lessons: closed mouths don’t get fed. Teacher: Whitney Houston

Motivational on your grind music (also one of the best grammy performances of all time):

If you think it, say it; if you speak it, sing it; if you want it, try.


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The Fat Boi Diaries: Fat Listening: Things Fat Queer Men Hear From Gay Men

1) “Fat makes my dick soft.” (Said to my best friend by some semi-random dude.)
2) A conversation among appropriately weighted gays with a fat gay present:
“Would you rather have sex with a fat guy or a guy with AIDS?”
(In unison): “AIDS!
3) On Grindr: Looking for LTR; a great guy who can also be my friend. Someone smart and fun. Personality is most important. No Fats.
4) Online in general: No Fats
5) Gays don’t get fat.
6) From your skinny friends:
“You are such a great guy. You are cute, smart, it is his loss. You’re not even that big. You just thick.”
“But you never talk to big boys.” (and you are BLIND)
“Girl that’s different.”

(in our mind we are doing this:

  sooooo lost)
7) Twink: “You should try the bear community.”

8) Bear Community: “You are not a bear. You are a chub. No woof for you.”
9) “I know you hungry.”
And to everything we say:

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Cleanliness is next to Astroglide

Because they should teach this in sex ed but they don’t; so here, go to this link Cleanliness/Sexiness

Now I am glad he was being real at the end but no lie, if that happened to me I would just go:

and crawl away in shame.

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