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Happy Mother’s Day

I am one of those gay boys who has that cliche really close relationship with their mother. We argue, we have hurt each other, and we are also always there for each other. When the world was against me she told me to look within. My mother was the first person to tell me to define my own worth for myself; my mother told me that I am worth my weight in gold (which is a lot given my size lol). My mother has spoken to me about how when she looked at me when I was first born she knew I was special. She feel in love with me before she saw me, she knew me before I spoke. She is truly the most¬†important woman in my life. She loves me even when I don’t love myself at all.

the spread (daddy did the meat and cabbage, everything is all me)


From my daddy to my mom


say: Cheeeeeeese


from moi


Titania approving of Winston’s flowers


Titania trying to assist


from moi


Mom’s favorite cake: coconut (with fresh coconut on top)


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