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Memories: Chicken Curry

It is about that time: Maurice’s Sunday Supper.

This month my guests are two poets and an academic so I’m sure the conversation will be on point as they are all wonderful smart beautiful people. So, that means I just need to worry about my responsibility, the meal. I try to pick meals that I am either craving, want to try, or have a special place in my heart. To that end, you won’t find extremely fancy meals at my dinner party, no Top Chef wanna be here, but what I hope you have if you come to my Sunday supper is the feeling of “going home.” I am not trying to wow you, I am trying to welcome you, make you feel loved.

This month I am cooking a meal I have loved since I was about 12. It is a simple meal with a very simple story.

When my family moved back state-side from the UK, for a summer we had a Jamaican lady who was going through a tough time, stay with us. She was so beautiful to me. Though she was sad, when she laughed it was full on, and her hair was a take on Toni Braxton’s except hers was a honey-brown. And when she walked, it seemed like she was two steps away from dancing. Well, one day, she was in the kitchen cooking, which was odd as I only knew her to eat but not to cook. I didn’t think she could. But, there she was, showing my mom, the best cook I knew, how to make a dish (my mom had already ate it before but wasn’t sure how to prep it). The smells were beyond seductive, and when I had my first bowl of the concoction served over hot white rice, I was taken over. It is one of my strongest food memories.

Later, I found out that curry is originally Indian and that colonialism was responsible for this black Jamaican woman knowing this dish, and I found out that she made it too thick, but, as with nearly all cherished childhood memories, I didn’t care. And while, from time to time, I get “fancy with it,” throwing in coconut milk or thinning it out (basically making it “properly”), no version, not even proper Indian curry, hits the spot the way her version does. I love it so much that every year, for my birthday celebration dinner, my mom makes this dish. And as it is still my birthday month, I am making it for my guests tomorrow: Jamaican Guest Chicken Curry. Prep done. Now, what in the world will I make for dessert. Are coconut dumplings a thing?

Chicken curry prep

Chicken curry prep

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B/c I love you FOOD!

I had to share my lunch with you:
so simple and good:

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Happy Mother’s Day

I am one of those gay boys who has that cliche really close relationship with their mother. We argue, we have hurt each other, and we are also always there for each other. When the world was against me she told me to look within. My mother was the first person to tell me to define my own worth for myself; my mother told me that I am worth my weight in gold (which is a lot given my size lol). My mother has spoken to me about how when she looked at me when I was first born she knew I was special. She feel in love with me before she saw me, she knew me before I spoke. She is truly the most important woman in my life. She loves me even when I don’t love myself at all.

the spread (daddy did the meat and cabbage, everything is all me)


From my daddy to my mom


say: Cheeeeeeese


from moi


Titania approving of Winston’s flowers


Titania trying to assist


from moi


Mom’s favorite cake: coconut (with fresh coconut on top)


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Fat Boi Eats: EASTER!!!!

So I am not religious, but my family is so I am used to celebrating Easter, and while I tend to forget that someone died and allegedly rose again, I do not forget to put out a spread. This Easter was small and I had over a few of my friends to share dinner (odd that Christians do not celebrate passover) with the parental units (been in a “Reality Bites” mood) and I. The only disaster were my biscuits, I am not a southern lady—yet.

ricotta cheese mixture on a whole wheat multigrain cracker, topped with roast peppers.

sweet potato pie with marshmallow fluff topping

mmmmmm strawberries, and for others, watermelon

mac ‘n cheese (I prefer ziti noodles)

Cranberry, Orange, and Brown Sugar glazed Ham

collard greens (with turkey)

Small Bois Eating

always ready for a camera

Tilapia I later cooked

chocolate chip cookies with walnuts and sea salt

more fruit

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Fat Boi Eats: SNACK TIME!!!!!!

You got to be seen gold
Watch out for the new kind
You got to have old gold
Like some from a gold mine

You got to be wearin’ gold
The twenty four carat kind
And once you’ve shined it up
It should ought to make you blind, ah!

You got to be seen in gold
To show that you’re super slick
It helps to pay tips and tolls
It’s the ultimate yellow brick
It’s the ultimate

~The WIZ

That little sun sphere was so juicy

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Fat Boy Eats: Indulge

Balsamic Salad

Homemade Pizza

Banana-Pineapple-Carrot Smoothie w/ a splash of coconut milk, greek yogurt, and some green leafy lettuce

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Fat Boi Eats: Turkey Lurkey Time (Turkey Burgers Tonight)

This may become my new TBT; except it is not Thursday but that sounds so much better than TBS. Oh wait is TBS even around anymore? Okay so this is the NEW TBS, “Turkey Burger Saturday.” And no, the is none for Uncle Jon; I don’t even have an uncle named Jon. This is all for me. Fat Boi!

Confession: I love turkey burgers. I prefer them to beef burgers. The only burger I prefer more would be a nice bison burger (seriously, if you have not tried it, get into it!). Turkey burgers are so versatile. I mean you can do a curried turkey burger, a smokey one, a BBQ flavored one, a really grassy herby one, a Greek flavored one (So amazingly good), a Chinese take-out inspired one, a Thai one, a Soul Food inspired one, Italian, Caribbean; hell, you can do a transnational turkey burger with Caribbean seasoning, Italian or French bread, and a pan-Asian relish. Oh my mouth has just flooded. Let me gather myself.

Okay. So tonight I went for a BBQ inspired one, but with no BBQ sauce (gotta watch the sugar) and little salt. To do this and keep flavor the key is simple, moderate your sugar (I did this by making a relish with apples the hope is the sweetness of the apples will play off the smokiness of the BBQ grill seasoning giving me a BBQ taste) and when decreasing your salt, INCREASE your salt-free spices (check your blends to make sure they are salt free; better yet, go to you local market, get friendly with the spice shop people and by our spices individually. You can make your own blends which will be far superior to store bought ones because you are making it according to your taste buds). This is all i then did:

  1. Season turkey
  2. Place in hand
  3. Form
  4. Slap onto a nonstick skillet with 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil
  5. sear
  6. flip
  7. sear
  8. douse with a little water
  9. cover
  10. place in oven to steam cook to perfection
  11. take out
  12. cool a little
  13. plate
  14. Consume

Oh my sides b/c we can’t (and shouldn’t) live on meat alone. The Sweet Potatoes. I followed the recipe of crush (but I added some cumin seeds). My relish: I just chopped up some stuff in my fridge (apples, celery, some peppers) used a teaspoon of hot chili sauce, a splash of lime juice, a little honey. and that it. That is my dinner.

Well this is my dinner:



update: I am so full and it was gooooood

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Full disclosure, this is my take on a recipie I saw on America’s Country Kitchen, I used the same amount of cooked spinach (30 ounces) and I did the wringing spinach out and combining spinach with ricotta thing (granted I thought that was common sense), but I added collards to the sauce (they did it all spinach) as this is something I have started doing for a minute now to incorporate more greens, and I have no idea about their seasonings or measurements.

collards and onions

finished sauce

second green spinach. Wring it out honey, save only about half a cup of that green juice, I guess you could toss the rest into some green smoothie or energy drink but I am so not there yet.

low fat ricotta, egg, and the spinach

the jolly green giant just came

assembly time! (come on ride this train kept going through my mind)

pop into the oven, finished pic coming soon

Titania’s contribution

mmmmmm done



Super(bowl) Eating

Greek chicken, toasted brown rice pilaf, spinach salad

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Fat Boy Eats: LUNCH!

(people may wonder why does a queer themed blog have food posts; well it has food posts because it is a blog of a queer boy about his blaqueer life which includes what I eat, my relationship to food, my body, my weight, and hopefully the ethics of eating and race in food culture. So food and eating is just sooooo queer.)

Today’s lunch was just tasty leftovers:

Think of these as small green pearls

Think of these as small green pearls












What you will need and all the steps in one little instagram!:

peas, diced onion, a little butter (or EVOO; or you could omit all fat and only use water), thyme, and basil. (lavender or herbes de Provence would be great as well)  and of course, salt to taste.

peas, diced onion, a little butter (or EVOO; or you could omit all fat and only use water), thyme, and basil. (lavender or herbes de Provence would be great as well) and of course, salt to taste.


Once again, those green pearls:

So quick and easy

So quick and easy



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