Queer Body Project (Our Queer Bodies Ourselves)

Maybe, probably, it has existed before but I want to try to do a queer bodies project, “Our Queer Bodies Ourselves”; the question is: What is a queer body? For our purposes a queer body is a body that does not conform to beauty ideals: obese bodies, bodies marked by disfigurement or disease, average bodies, bodies in transition, bodies that are “too dark” or “too light,” bodies like mine–perhaps bodies like yours. Every movement starts with bodies; so, if, from the start, the movement does not challenge the idea that certain bodies are better, superior, to others then that movement is destined to be a failure. That movement will not , cannot create change, only accommodation. We want change. Email all pics and any writings to Blaqueer@gmail.com or tweet pics to @Blaqueer or @MLukas82.  I can’t do this alone but hopefully together we can (re)start a conversation. Image

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