Fat Boi Eats: what I have been munching on lately (no filter, gulp!)

I feel like I have not been eating with you guys lately; so let me apologize by throwing you a disconnected feast:

Turkey instead of beef, less sauce, healthier pasta noodles. Still yummy.

I said everything, not healthy but I treated myself: cornbread, blackberry preserves, buttermilk. I didn’t think about the word calorie.

Momma makes the best collards. Still with texture, smoked turkey, and the (crock)pot liquor, oh I am salivating.

Who needs a steak when you can have a chop?

Brown rice, green, red, and yellow peppers, and butternut squash puree= faux risotto served with spicy citrus oven-grilled chicken, and crispy kale.

Lazy night: roasted chicken and peppers roll up (that is greek yogurt you see not sour cream)

Spicy Tuna with whole wheat rotini

Tuna, garbanzo beans, and craisins salad, so yummy

ok I am full.


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