Now Read This, Read This: The Talking White Men

The writers’ treatment of women and men of color cannot be blamed on the fact that the graphic novels were written this way, therefore they have to stay with the original story. No. Daryl, who has become a main character on the television show, was a one-off character in the graphic novels. In the graphic novels, it was Dale, not Hershel, who loses his leg. Tyreese has a major role in the graphic novels; so far his role on the show is negligible. And, gay characters? In the graphic novels the show is based on, there was a gay storyline. There’s no sign of LGBTQ characters. The writers are making clear choices about a world where straight, white, and male is the optimum subjectivity.

click the image to go to Salon and read Lorraine Berry’s—on point— piece.



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