The Fat Boy Diaries: THIS!

I was sitting at my computer, eating a tuna salad, listening to Jordan Sparks sing “One Wing” from the Sparkle soundtrack and I received this email which just made me shout with joy:




Hey i wanted to drop by and let you know that your post on selfies was so on point, it is quite possibly the most profound thing i have read in a while. I live in Minnesota in a predominantly white city. Intellectually, i have a hard time believing i am ugly. But it hard keeping this up when i face so much rejection and implicit alienation from a population that largely comprises of white gays, that largely favors the thin and muscular and not the thick and luscious. It’s even harder for some of us who are femmy. I have rarely taken the selfie, because i was afraid of the ridicule. Your post has inspired me to take some.

Thank you for writing.

This, this, this! I want this to happen; I am already taking my selfies, I want you to start taking and sharing yours! #selfielove

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