Queerfessional: To that nervous young queer boi (Lost Letter Submitted to the Huffingtonpost.com)


You don’t know me; we probably will never meet, but I know you, or at least parts of you. I have something important to tell you: It is okay. Noticing how that certain guy’s hair falls perfectly in place, is normal. It is normal to spend as much time in math class committing to memory your own Matt H.’s smile. And, when every single song about a boy or a good time reminds you of him, that is normal as well. And if you find yourself thinking of girls too, that again is normal. You are perfectly normal.

Now that, that is out of the way I want to tell you something else. Life is scary; life may be difficult, but life can also be exciting and beautiful. You will fall in love; your heart will be broken; you will be tested—numerous times. There are keys to surviving this:
1) Surround yourself with friends who love you; the kind who fight for you, even if that means fighting with you.

2) Dance. Dance. Dance. To dance is to commune with life.

3) Be honest with others, with yourself— especially yourself— about yourself, what you want, and what you need.

4) Allow your identity to be a source of strength and pride.

5)  Love yourself. More than you love anyone else love yourself, all of yourself. Embrace yourself; defend yourself;  know yourself; too many of us spend time running from ourselves; don’t. You will at times want to, and you will at times doubt yourself, but try not to; try to love yourself.

I want to end this letter by reminding you once again that noticing how beautiful that guy is, how perfectly he says your name, how high or low your voice, that if your walk sways more than others say it should, it is all perfectly normal. You are perfectly normal.

Maurice L. Tracy


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