My New Official Crush

We all fall for cute smiles, dazzling eyes, nice thighs, and many of us (okay I) get mesmerized by big things that hang between those thighs, and while I can’t speak to the last part, Jesse Williams certainly has in spades the former components. But, in a medium where cuteness is as common as greed, Jesse Williams wins for me because of his mind! I love his Tumblr post about Django, but first let’s get lost in his eyes:
Th is man is a former American and African History teacher, a Temple University Graduate and apparently a film critic.  His Twitter is nice but I prefer his Tumblr. He is a Chicagoan and lord knows I like city guys (and country guys and southern guys, and breathing guys). He is married to a beautiful woman but I swear if I had the chance I would cook him a meal in a second with the sole purpose of wreaking a happy home (look at those eyes!) but since I won’t ever meet him, all I can do is this, gaze

But here are some words that just made me go all tween boy swoony:

“I find that I am often less interested in how you feel, than why you feel. It’s a running theme in my personal and professional life. Too often we wax poetic about our conclusions while overlooking the importance of whether or not we’re talking about the same thing.”

Not “feeling offended” does not mean the material itself was not offensive. The most effective propaganda goes unnoticed. That’s kind of how it works. Neither damage nor ignorance require intent. “

he puts up posts like this:


I need this coat in my life

Your Turn:

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