Full disclosure, this is my take on a recipie I saw on America’s Country Kitchen, I used the same amount of cooked spinach (30 ounces) and I did the wringing spinach out and combining spinach with ricotta thing (granted I thought that was common sense), but I added collards to the sauce (they did it all spinach) as this is something I have started doing for a minute now to incorporate more greens, and I have no idea about their seasonings or measurements.

collards and onions

finished sauce

second green spinach. Wring it out honey, save only about half a cup of that green juice, I guess you could toss the rest into some green smoothie or energy drink but I am so not there yet.

low fat ricotta, egg, and the spinach

the jolly green giant just came

assembly time! (come on ride this train kept going through my mind)

pop into the oven, finished pic coming soon

Titania’s contribution

mmmmmm done



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