Happy Birthday Fellow Aquarian Marlon Riggs

Yolo Akili is also posting about marlon riggs brilliance on his website under the post “A moment for Marlon”; I had to do my own post because if there is any academic I relate to the most it is Riggs. Black, queer, dark, religious background, military ties, hard fought self love, interest in media representations, being one of the few black amongst white people, he is a part of me or I am a part of him, one of his children. here are some links:

Story of Marlon Riggs




Black is Black Ain’t (this was essential for my survival; I was an undergraduate in university and I had started to feel more of a distance between my white friends and myself, many of whom would tell me how they forgot I was black, and yet many of the black people I met would assert that for reasons x and y I was not “black enough.” Despite my skin, which other black people informed me was/is dark skin and therefore somehow in someway less desirable less worthy, I wasn’t black enough, I wasn’t really black. While colorism was new for me, the accusations about my blackness echoed my childhood when I was called an oreo; when I first started befriending other black people in college I had to frequently defend/prove my blackness. This documentary saved me because it confirmed for me blackness and what I have always known. Blackness is vast and complex and there are many ways to be it, to perform, and we all come at it differently. Gumbo.):


Tongues Untied (Seeing this was one  the most profound moments in my life; I can honestly say that I don’t know if I would of came to terms with my sexuality without it, and not just my sexuality but the way I performed it as if it were disconnected from my blackness. Marlon Riggs saved me.)

gone too soon

I look up to you


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