Gay is not now, not ever will it be, the new black (or to stick with a tired fashion analogy: saying “Gay is the new Black” is so last season)

Re: John McWorter’s Daily News Article “Gay Really is the New Black”

No sir, it really is not. Here are some of the reasons why:

1) As David Eng states in The Feeling of Kinship,  statements like “gay is the new black” acts as if the racial project(s) in US America is complete. It is not.

2) This statement ignores that there are many gay people who are both black and gay and as a recent (no shit sherlock) report showed, Black gay people experience more hardships than white gays, so yeah “gay” doesn’t fully capture our experiences and definitely not to the point that it can be called the new black as if it is supplanting it.

3) There is no acknowledgement of gay racism nor homonormativity (which, as Roderick Ferguson points out in Black Queer Studiesworks in tandem with whiteness) in this statement. If gay(s) want to be the “new black,” then start by confronting the very real privileging of and preference for whiteness and white bodies in the community. Address gay racism.  Till you do that with as much furor as we talk about black homophobia, please take a few seats.

4) Why if black people are human are we to expect them to be more accepting than others regardless of their history? Many have been persecuted and oppressed and yet also, unfortunately, oppress others. So why expect Blacks to be these magical beings?

1) how in the hell did this tired piece get pass the editor? This topic is so old and played out.

2) Despite stating “Yes, homophobia is American, not African-American,” McWorter still lingers on the idea that Blacks are/were somehow more homophobic than white people.

3) Obviously homonormativity knows no color.

4)The conclusion of the piece reads like some misplaced “blind items” blurb.

Parting shot:
From Pat Parker’s Movement in Black:

If I could take all my parts with me when I go somewhere, and not have to say to one of them, “No, you stay home tonight, you won’t be welcome,” because I’m going to an all-white party where I can be gay, but not Black. Or I’m going to a Black poetry reading, and half the poets are antihomosexual, or thousands of situations where something of what I am cannot come with me. The day all the different parts of me can come along, we would have what I would call a revolution.

As this is still not true for many POC, gay is not, and cannot be, the new Black.

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