A bowl of pillows: Chicken ‘n Dumplings

So as people know, I currently stay with my parents (long tragic story) and that means, though they often leave me alone, I cannot ignore when one of them is sick. Well my mom, who is one of my dearest friends, has been sick battling the flu; everyone recommends chicken noodle soup but I hate CNS. It is too salty, too brothy, the noodles too thin, just in general it reminds me of liquified snot. So, I decided instead to make chicken ‘n dumplings.It is a little time consuming (about 1.5-2 hours sart to finish) but so worth it. Here is how (and it has pictures!).

What you need (to do):


  1. Chicken (either a whole chicken cut up or, as I used, chicken thighs. People the dark meat is cost effective and more flavorful; I used 6); marinate this overnight (I used thyme, salt, garlic,oregano, paprika, rosemary)
  2. 2 onions (quarter one, halve the other; take one half and dice it, set the diced onion aside)
  3. 2 stalks of celery diced
  4. 3-4 stalks of celery chunked
  5. 2 carrots diced
  6. 3-4 carrots chunked
  7. Bay leaves
  8. salt, pepper to taste
  9. a cup of wine

Okay, place a cast iron pot on the stove and heat, place in a scant amount of butter or olive oil . Take half the chicken and dredge in flour. Place it in the cast ion pot. you are only browning it, not really cooking it. repat with the undreadged chicken. Remove browned chicken and toss in some water (only a little) to deglaze the pan.  Now toss in the chunked veggies. After a minute or two or three place the chicken back in. Then cover with chicken stock (you can use homemade or, since this is the real world and we have busy lives, cheat and use low sodium broth or stock), a glass of wine (a white one you like) and water. bring to  a simmer-boil, cover and walk away for like an hour:

making the broth

Now after an hour, pour pot contents into a colander that is sitting in a bowl. return the liquid to the pot, drop in the diced carrots, onion, and celery; bring back to a low boil. Meanwhile de-skin and debone the chicken (note: once you de-bone the chicken, if you want to add a little more salt and pepper to the meat, now is the time). Place meat into the pot. Now it is dumpling time!


Now I used an altered version of my friend Joe’s recipe

My best friend Joe on the right (this was the end of my Bday weekend in 2012)

My best friend Joe on the right (this was the end of my Bday weekend in 2012)

So I used:

  • 2 cups flour
  • salt (eye-balled it)
  • pepper (eye-balled it)
  • 2 whole eggs, 1 egg yolk
  • splash of milk
  • butter (4-5 Tablespoons)

in a bowl combine the first five ingredients. LIGHTLY combine. dump out onto floured counter. push together, flatten. Dot with butter. Fold the dough over itself, much like you are about to make puff pastry. Role the dough out till it is thin. SUPER THIN. then cut into desired shapes. carefully drop dumplings into the pot. Do not stir. Cover the pot again and allow the dumplings to cook/steam for about 15 minutes. 

Almost there

  Now after 15 minutes, check, stir, and serve! I served mine in a bowl (of course!) but I also placed a roasted chicken chicken wing in each bowl (I had roasted chicken wings wich were  marinated with my thighs), and garnished with parsley. All you gotta do is enjoy!

Yummy goodness

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