A Dictionary

BlaQueer: A black and queer person. I do not have to choose.

Queer: To be queer is to fall outside of the binary. It is to use a label to say, “labels fail me.” Queers are fey men and butch women. Queers are butch men and femme women. Queers are girls with dicks, and guys with clits. Queers were born something other than what they become. Queers are nature’s self-anointed butterflies. Queers do not have sex. Queers fuck. Queers get fucked. Queers “make love.” Queers let you know it. Queers keep it to themselves. Queers disrupt normative space. Queers are not quiet. Queers “perform,” life. Queers do not apologize.  Queers are all these things and so much more. What is queer and who is queer is constantly contested, and must be continually defined, specified, and made clear; queerness is an oxymoron.

Black: Your road leads to Africa

Gay: homonormative


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